Bank of Landisburg Directors & Officers


Thomas W. Cook, President H. Ray Egolf
Gerald K. Morrison Robert O. Neidigh
Wanda L. Cupp C. Allan Egolf, Chairman
Charles E. Lupfer James E. Lyons
Donald L. Dum L. Jefferey Mattern
Nevin G. Rice  James E. Magaro


Thomas W. Cook, President and C.E.O.
H. Ray Egolf, C.A.O
Annette Sheibley, Operations Manager
Gerry L. Sheaffer, Community Office Manager, Shermans Dale Office
Polly Owen, Assistant Office Manager, Shermans Dale Office
Zachary Kuhn, Community Office Manager, Blain Office
Robert W. Lawley, Chief Credit Officer 
 Peter C. Thompson, Comptroller
 Patti L. McLaughlin, Commercial Loan Officer
 Chris Meals, Commercial Loan Officer
Wendy Garman, Community Office Manager, Newport Office
Main Office Shermans Dale Office Blain Office

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